Our Manifesto

There doesn’t appear to be enough time for story telling like generations may have had in the past. At Salty Journals we get really absorbed in a good story and want to share our collective networks love of the ocean with you.

So join us on the podcast to dive into the big questions of life from people who have really been driven by their connection to the ocean to build a life around it.

Connection is so important today. The community of ocean lovers are scattered all over the world now. Fortunately technology allows for us to now link these stories so much easier then we used to be able to do. Its important that we use the technology to make positive connections in the world.  

We are offering this podcast as a window into the ocean world for those who are thinking about being part of it to those who already live their lives around it.

Our purpose is to reignite that connection you have with the ocean when you are heading out for a surf, riding to work, or just listening at home. The feeling of connection to the ocean really does have significant health benefits. It’s scientifically proven to calm, content, temper egos, expand the sense of wonder and vastness, and make us more generous. This emotion is often induced in natural settings, like forests and oceans.

Our little team at Salty Journals is representative of the ocean culture. Some of us are devoted to the adrenaline action of the sports, dropping into big waves and holding on. Others are more into the slow and gentle meditative enjoyment of the ocean with freediving being central to their enjoyment.

The same goes for the wider community we will connect you with through this podcast. There will be total party animal water people through to people who spend their life minimalizing their impact and everything in between. The podcast is not going to be limited to just surfing our episodes will

If you have any questions or comments please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Likewise if you have suggested guests for the show please let us know. You can message us via Instagram @saltyjournals or connect with us through the website www.saltyjournals.com

Josh Allsop

Podcast and community bringing together all things ocean. Sharing through story and experience.

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