Salty Journals Podcast Trailer Season 01 Episode 00: Introduction to Salty Journals

Salty Journals Podcast Trailer Season 01 Episode 00: Introduction to Salty Journals

Salty journals is a podcast for ocean lovers. You may be a surfer, kitesurfer, sailor, Freediver, Spearfisher, fisher, SUP rider, or just really into hanging on the beach. This podcast brings together stories and tales from other ocean addicts.

Salty Journals is a community and podcast bringing together all things ocean through story and experience. 

At Salty Journals we love to let ourselves get truly absorbed in a good tale, especially one linked to the ocean. We want to share those stories with you. 

My name is Josh and you are joining us on this podcast as we dive into some of life’s questions, big and small, with people who are driven by their connection to the ocean and their innate desire to build a life around it.

A bit about me:

* Im a want to be surfer 

* A beginner sailor 

* A freediver and kitesurfer 

* And general all round ocean lover 

The purpose of our show is to reignite your connection to the ocean. Perhaps you are listening in the car, surfboard strapped to the roof,  or it could be that you are riding to work, wind on your cheeks, or maybe you’re lucky enough to be just chilling out and tuning in at home – our purpose is to have you feel mesmerised and enchanted by the beauty and enigma of the sea. 

Beyond the great stories and knowledge our guests share, it’s our fundamental hope that we can use our common connection to bring benefit for everyone.  

Science says that feeling connection to the ocean really does have significant health benefits. It’s scientifically proven to calm our minds, bring content and temper egos, as well as expand our sense of wonder and vastness.

Look, we have some great episodes already recorded and lined up ready to hit play (so dont forget to hit subscribe if you haven’t already). These interviews feature a diverse range of people – from venture capitalist kite surfers to individuals who swapped their 9-5 grind for an epic ocean voyage and others who just sold it all, to live simply.

To give you a sneak peak on the first few episodes, I’ll let you know a couple of the guests we have: Sir Robin Knox-Johnson – the first chap to solo sail around the world 51 years ago, with tales of sharks, managing risk and the art of living in isolation. He can tell a tale or two as well!  Valentine Thomas – A lawyer working the big city life who traded up to live a more sustainable existence. Known as the “spearfishing huntress”, Valentine now uses her time to promote sustainability in sea food. Bill Tai – Dr Bill Tai has been funding startups since 1991 as a venture capitalist. Bill cut his teeth in early days of silicon valley. There is a great photo kicking around the internet of his employee card from back then. Bill spends his time wisely. He neatly links the risky sport of kitesurfing with business. Bill is also a great advocate for sustainability and living life authentically.

We have many more great guests. It’s not just about the romance of the ocean, deserted islands, compelling pristine waters, or the calm meditative presence you are brought into when you leave technology behind…

We have some survival stories from people who got very close to meeting old Davy jones and still lived to tell the tale.

We also have interviews lined up with knowledgeable and experienced scientists who will share with us the true impact we are having on the ocean and its inhabitants. The aim here isn’t to jam a message home, increase anxiety about this whole world coming to an end. There is plenty of bad news out there.

Lastly, the Salty set will also feature interviews with total stoke junkies. Those who have found a passion, made a living and developed an art out of seeking adrenaline on and in the water. is the home of the show. We have a blog up there we will be adding to all the time. 

If you are listening through a mobile device you can get hold of the show through the usual formats including stitcher and itunes. Please take the time to like, review and subscribe. It makes the show easier to find and helps others discover the ocean stoke.

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