Interview with James Nestor on Deep and Breath: Salty Journals Podcast Season 1 Episode 4

n today’s episode we speak with James Nestor In his latest scientific adventure Nestor author of another phenomenal book Deep: Freediving Renegade science and what the ocean tells us about ourselves. In his latest book “Breath” James follows the clues that connect breath to health he speaks with people from the full range of understanding of breath which includes go to Stanford University and conducting a number of experiments with his nostrils plugged through to going to yoga studios and having conversations with dental researchers of all people?! It was an absolute joy speaking with James from his home studio in San Francisco.

The book we discuss today is called Breath: The New Science of the Lost Art. We talked about how important frequency of breath is, the correct ways to breathe (breathwork) and importance of sleeping on your side. Links to james’ book Breath and his previous book Deep are detailed below in the show notes.

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The Yogi masters were right — meditation and breathing exercises can sharpen your mind

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