Valentine Thomas: Spearfishing, Sustainable Eating, & Sharks Season 1 Episode 2 Salty Journals Podcast

Join us on Episode 2 of the Salty Journals podcast where we chat with Valentine Thomas. Valentine Thomas traded in her business suit for a wet suit. As a former finance lawyer in London, she felt constricted. Through luck or chance she ended up on a diving adventure in Egypt changed her life. By 2010, she was hooked, diving down the South Atlantic with whale sharks, lobsters, and African pompanos. Today she is a well-known spearfisher and an Instagram star with over 200,000 followers. She’s given several TED talks and has been featured in Forbes. She has also of course been interviewed on the Joe Rogan Podcast.

If you find her on Instagram, and you’ll usually see her posing with the catch of the day. “I eat everything I catch,” she says. Aside from that, Thomas pushes a message of conservation and what goes into putting food on the table. “Spearfishing allows me to feel one with nature. It shows me how to respect nature,” and adds, “When you are in the ocean with sharks, and you can easily be a part of their food chain, it makes you respect the hunt.”

In 2013, Thomas received recognition for breaking the world record after catching an enormous Atlantic Horse-eye Jack while diving off Ascension Islands. Join us on the show to get an introduction to Valentine and learn a little more about here experience, interacting with sharks, and her current projects.

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