Josh – Host

Before you really are old enough to know what you love you find yourself just showing up for and enjoying something just for the hell of it. Some things you like more than others. Some things keep you up at night (or super early in the morning) just thinking about it. After a few experiences on or in the water it left its mark on me.

I can vividly recall my first snorkeling and diving experiences either in the chilly British isles or the Med if I was lucky enough to go on holiday. I daydream about cruising around tropical islands on a boat, finding deserted beaches, and scuba diving everywhere… until I found spearfishing.

Once I made it onto a board at the persistence of my mates and managed to get a few short rides I was hooked.

Those early days of line fishing also had there allure. Trekking to some really remote parts of the Irish coast and reeling in stacks of Mackrell. Enjoying the thrill of the waves crashing below. The atlantic seeming to try its best to knock a little 12 year old me off the sheer cliff.

As an adult I am now fortunate enough to live in Western Australia where I can come home to the ocean every day. Since discovering this connection I take all my time I can pull together to find ways to spend time on or in the ocean.

Sharing and understanding other people’s experience of the ocean in a way helps me understand it more but I also hope it will raise awareness of the issues around the ocean we are all facing. So I would like to use this podcast to share some experiences, revive the stoke and share stories from ocean lovers around the world.

I can not do this alone.


Claire – Fixer

Claire is responsible for the Salty Journals community development. She provides a connection between the ocean community and Salty Journals team. Working to expand our network, content and listeners experience.

A lover of the island life, Claire started kite surfing in 2010 and has since kited in Australia, Cocos, Columbia, Dominican Republic, Indonesia, Mauritius, Morocco, Panama, Portugal and the United Kingdom. She discovered freediving in 2012 and recorded a static apnea of 7 min 23 seconds.

Claire currently resides in Perth having made the move from her hometown Melbourne in order to enjoy the endless sunshine, beaches, and wind.

Hugo – The tech guy

Hugo has an excellent range of skills and knowledge that puts him above most experts in his field of work. He has strong logic and his solutions are efficient due to his attention to understanding the project as thoroughly as possible.

Hugo is dedicated to his work and the water.

Hugo currently resides in the South West of Western Australia. An area famous for its surf and beaches. Previously Hugo was living on Cocos Island of the far north coast of Western Australia. Lets see where Hugo ends up going next.