Diesel Heater Error Codes Guide

Whilst the heaters are not for everyone they certainly do keep a caravan or camper trailer warm.

Chinese Diesel Heater Error Codes

We have created this guide for the most popular Chinese heaters such as Hcalary. The following error codes may apply to many of the Chinese diesel heater units, however the codes for the name brand units (such as Eberspacher and Webasto) will be different.

E-01Undervoltage of power supply – battery doesn’t have enough power– Recharge your battery before turning the diesel heater back on
E-02Overvoltage of power supply – voltage is over the permitted level– Reduce the voltage to 12 volts
E-03Glow plug fault – ignition plug failure– Check glow plug and leads (replace if necessary)
– Possibly low voltage
E-04Fuel pump fault – fuel pump broken/ not working– Check the fuel pump’s getting power
– Check all fuel lines are intact
– Check there’s enough fuel in the tank
– Possibly low voltage
E-05Overheating of the machine– Check air intake isn’t blocked
– Check all vents are unblocked
– Check fan is working correctly
– Check that ducting hasn’t been crushed
– Check the temperature sensor on the housing
E-06Motor fault – fan motor issue– Check that the fan is turning freely
– Possibly low voltage
– Check the magnet polarity and Holzer sensor position
[see video below]
E-07Broken circuit fault – communication broken between the heater and controller– Check all plugs and connections
– Possibly low voltage
E-08Flame out – low fuel or air in fuel lines– Check fuel levels in fuel tank
– Check fuel filter is full
– Check for blockages in fuel supply
– Check all fuel connections are good
– Possibly low voltage
– May need to restart multiple times to refill fuel
E-09Sensor fault– Check sensor plug isn’t loose/ broken
– Check the circuit
E-10Ignition failure– Check lines & pump for blockages
– Check fuel supply
– Indicates multiple restarts without success (due to other errors)
Chinese Diesel Heater Error Codes

To try and clear an Error Code after various troubleshooting, take the fuse out, then put it back in again before restarting the diesel heater. You may need to do this after trying to restart the diesel heater multiple times, as they can ‘lock out’ after 6 or so restart attempts.

Check our troubleshooting guide to find out how to solve the main codes.

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