Interview with Dean Cropp the Barefoot Captain “Escape into isolation” Season 1 Episode 11

Underwater filmmaker, diver and self-proclaimed pirate Dean Cropp. Inspired by his father, documentary maker and conservationist Ben Cropp, Dean sold his house and now lives on a sailing boat that he travels the world in creating a web series called Barefoot Captain’s Log. On this episode we chat with Dean about life on the boat, how the days on the water are spent and the challenges that come with no fixed address.

We also cover off a recent shark attack incident which injured one of his crew members (Anika Craney) recently. Safe to say it has been a tough year for Anika. She lost her home during the summer bushfires. “She seemed to be more worried about missing out on the adventure then the injuries,” Mr Cropp said. “While you hope it doesn’t happen to you, you know it’s part of the risk.”

Connect with Dean and the crew here:

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