Interview with Alex Kydd on Wildlife Photography, epic adventures and how to get started in photography: Salty Journals Podcast Episode 7

Interview with Alex Kydd discussing wildlife photography, epic adventures and life on the reef. Alex regularly swims with Whale Sharks, dives right into the middle of bait balls with sharks and currently spends his days on the Ningaloo Reef.

Alex Kydd
Alex Kydd Source: Supplied

Topics covered in this episode include: Beginners guide to Underwater Wildlife Photography  How Alex made his way in the art  Some of the best times he has had in the water 

As part of the interview we spent a lot of time discussing his top experiences. This included time with rays, jelly fish and sharks feeding in bait balls. 

In his own words Alex is “on a mission to showcase the beauty of our oceans in the hope that we can all do our best to protect and preserve.”

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