Interview with Sailing Totem Behan and Jamie Gifford on their sailing experience, raising children on a the high seas and conservation

Behan and Jamie Gifford set off from Seattle, Washington aboard Totem, their Stevens 47 sloop, in 2008. Since then they have been sailing the world, documenting their travels on their blog, Sailing Totem, and raising their three children, Niall, Mairen and Siobhan, all while crossing oceans, exploring landfalls, providing coaching, homeschooling and meeting people along the way.

In this episode we spoke about their lifestyle coaching which offers the full experience to get you onto the water. Their coaching program takes you through the full process from early planning for a trip, countdown to the departure, and post departure. We also touched on their tips and knowledge around home schooling.

We started the show by asking where they are calling into the recording from.

Books discussed on the show:

Dove –

Connect with Behan and Jamie:

Introducingsailing totem

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