Our content shines a light on pockets of hope all over the world. We believe that the collective potential of human compassion, empathy, and ingenuity is limitless. The journal features stories from human rights activists, film-makers, leaders, and writers leading the way in society through the lens of the ocean. At Salty Journals we embrace the togetherness of it all —not only do we share this one beautiful planet, but each of us are also closely intertwined, all the way down to the atoms that make up our very being.

Creativity. Expression. Emotion. Play.

Whatever the medium might be, the creative process digs into the human experience at its most raw and vulnerable moments. Creativity is a powerful tool of expression and a means for positive influence. Art can create lightness where there is dark, produce laughter and play, depth and soul, harmony and balance. It is an incredible form of communication and connection across borders, languages, and culture. We feature artists (comedians, dancers, film-makers, painters, actors, writers, photographers and more) to bring the creative perspective to the table and to instill the importance of creative expression.

Water. Conservation. Adventure. Wellness.

Aren’t we all, Salty? Human life is profoundly connected to the sea. We rely on the ocean for food, oxygen, transportation, and livable climate conditions. We live on a blue planet, and just as this Earth is mostly made of water, so is the human body. Salt water runs through our veins, seeps through our skin, and falls as tears down our face. Musings on conservation, art, adventure, and wellness in relation to water can be found in our content. 

Sustainability. Climate. Science. Exploration.

One of the greatest global challenges to humanity is adapting to and mitigating climate change. It is through collaborations across political, social, creative, and scientific realms that societies can protect the land, water, and air of this finite planet. Our content embraces all forms of scientific knowledge, particularly indigenous and traditional knowledge systems, in addressing climate change and understanding the interconnected existence of all things.