Sailing Theory

Knowing the parts of a boat is important for effective communication and safe operation while sailing with a crew.

Familiarity with the different parts of the boat, such as the bow, stern, port, starboard, and various rigging and equipment, allows sailors to understand and follow instructions and commands quickly and accurately.

This course is aimed at getting you started in sailing theory. We will go into some of the more detailed advanced content later on. This aims to support your learning; nothing can make up for practical experience on the water.

We strongly advise that you attend a high-quality training course that mixes practical and theoretical.

Part 1: Essential Sailing Concepts

  • How and Why Boats Sail;
  • Parts of a Sailing Boat;
  • Parts of a Sail;
  • Points of Sail;
  • Relative Terms;
  • Rules of the Road;
  • Tack: Starboard vs Port;
  • Terminology;

Part 2: Communication

  • The basics of nautical communication;
  • VHF and UHF Radio Use;
  • Morse Code;
  • Signal Flags;
  • Phonetic Alphabet;
  • Semaphore Flags;
  • Part 3: Weather Theory,
  • The essential concepts;
  • Key resources and locational weather data;
  • Beaufort Wind Scale;

Part 4; Navigation Theory;

  • Buoys;
  • Cardinal Marks;
  • Direction of Buoyage;
  • Emergency Wreck Buoys;
  • IALA Buoyage Systems;
  • Isolated Danger Buoys;
  • Lateral Marks;
  • Preferred Channel Markers;
  • Safe Water Markers;
  • Special Marks;

If there is anything you would like to see us dive into please let us know.