Would you like to look great and support a great cause? You can by buying Salty Journals items from our store. Salty Journals Merchandise is available via our store on Red Bubble.

Are you interested in buying Salty Journals merchandise? You can get hold of some fresh threads, a new wall hanging or a environmentally friendly water bottle. We also offer zipper pouches with the key Australian fish species. Smile knowing you are supporting the show in the process. Orders are handled via Red Bubble.

The merchandise includes a number of iconic West Australian fish species. For example we offer a number of options to support the West Australian Dhu fish such as our stickers (check them out here).

Would you like to help support the marine habitat of Australia? 10% of all proceeds from each sale is donated to the Australian Marine Conservation Society. The Australian Marine Conservation Society is dedicated to protecting the marine ecosystem around Australia. If you want to help ensure Australia’s coasts and oceans remain healthy and free for tomorrow’s generations, join them today.

There are a number of links and photos below. Our Red Bubble store offers:

They offer a variety of sizing and options for each of the items.

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